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U People: An Open Letter

The U People Podcast is produced by Sucka For Life and Single Handed Films better known as Hanifah Walidah and Olive Demetrius. We are partners in art and love and we feel fortunate to be able to live as we love and share that with all of you. U People is our documentary film about what happened in a brownstone in Brooklyn one spring weekend where 30 gay, straight women and trans folks of color got together to shoot a not so typical music video. What was caught on B-roll are moments that most can relate to how ever you live your life. So to promote the film we began producing the U People podcast and found their is a community out there that not only supports the film but its message. U People is more than a movie but has been embraced as a movement and we hope this site is a second home for all of U People. -- http://suckaforlife.com/upodcast/about/

Dear Community,

U People is a film that was born out the possibility that our voices are more powerful than ever. If you have heard of U People it is because two women saw an opportunity to do something that hadn’t been done. It is also because our community has lifted us up along the way. We’ve come this far with what we have.

Background in Brief
Hanifah Walidah and Olive Demetrius are two artists who on one spring weekend in Brooklyn, brought together 30 women and trans people of color to create a music video that was the first of its kind. What was captured behind the scenes of the shoot would become a cultural benchmark for a generation. The documentary U People has been met with standing ovations from audiences spanning NY to California. The associated weekly video podcast at iLoveUPeople.com at this point has over 60,000 views.

Click here to watch the U People trailer.

The Crossroads
With everything we have worked towards we have finally reached the inevitable crossroads. LOGO, MTV’s queer network, has proposed broadcast of U People to a nationwide audience. With this blessing come its challenges. In order for the film to be broadcast it must acquire Errors and Omissions Insurance and obtain closed-captioning for the hearing impaired. These combined costs amount to $7,000. An amount that must be raised no later than September 15th, 2008.

We need you to support U People now at this most crucial point in our work. We have provided numerous ways you can support our cause. Whether you pre-order a DVD, buy a download card, donate small or large amounts, together the community that U People has supported will be integral to its eventual broadcast.

A Means to a Dream
* If 700 people donate only $10 we will reach our goal. If you are that 1 in 700 click here

U People is fiscally sponsored by Women Make Movies. If you can make a tax-deductible contribution of over $100 please click here. Contributions over $500, receive a free DVD and prominant credit in the film.

* For more information on ways in which you can support U People click here.

Thank you for being a part of this movement by forwarding this message far and wide.

Hanifah Walidah and Olive Demetrius
U People LLC